Mealtimes have become a real highlight of my dogs' day since I've been feeding them Congo Raw products. They love the variety and every meal is a major treat for them. I also noticed that, with this diet, they no longer EVER have runny, goopy eyes, which one of them did regularly before. They also never have stomach issues and the vet has commented on how great their teeth look and how healthy they are. Congo's been very helpful with raw diet advice and other dog issues. I can't recommend their products highly enough!

CS, Toronto


Switching from another raw dog food line to Congo was a no-brainer for me. The quality of the meat is unsurpassed and I feel confident knowing I’m feeding my dog clean food without hormones, preservatives or antibiotics. The variety of products is also impressive so my dog can get different protein sources which he needs to stay in top form. People (including my vet!) have commented on my dog’s coat, clear eyes and white teeth...proof that I’m feeding him the best....There is no substitute for a raw diet!

AK, Toronto


I’ve been purchasing my raw dog food from Congo for about a year now and have found it to be of excellent quality... My two GSD’s have done extremely well on this diet and I would recommend Congo Raw to anyone feeding a raw diet.

M, Toronto


My dog was at the vet at least once a month for gastrointestinal problems. Since I started him on raw food we have not had any stomach issues at all. Congo has been a great resource in navigating the ever growing field of Raw Food for dogs. Congo cares about MY dog and has answered all of my questions regarding my dog's diet and nutrition. Thanks Congo.

MR, Thornhill