Congo Raw sponsors a Police K9 officer:

"Being a Police k9 officer, I strive to have my canine partner in top physical condition. At times our working environment can be very demanding, both physically and mentally. I need to fully trust my dog and I expect nothing except the best performance from him. I endeavour to provide him with the best quality food available. Congo Raw came highly recommended to me. My canine partner is now being fed this fine quality food, with many thanks to Matt.

Through my life experiences with many dogs, both pet and working lines, I feel my past beloved Canines endured their fair share of physical and medical conditions. These conditions, diagnosed by a veterinarian, were both minor and serious in nature. These very trying experiences caused me to take a close, hard look at the commercially prepared food I had been feeding my past dogs.

My new latest “pack” of Canines - who are now about 3 yrs old are all being fed a CongoRaw diet. All my dogs just love the food and eagerly await feed timing. All are healthy, full of energy and have wonderful coats.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to Matt at Congo Raw foods in supporting my new Police Canine partner with a sponsorship of Congo Raw food."

Jim Crocock ~ Woodstock Police